WCSP in a COVID-19 World

The Woman's Club of Suburban Philadelphia continued its work to support charities who help children in need.

WCSP supported nine charities through the COVID years, charities who continued to work tirelessly to feed, clothe, heal, educate, support, counsel, and protect children in our communities.

WCSP continued to meet (mostly remotely) to plan new ways to raise funds, in safe ways, in order to support the charities we serve. We successfully completed three totally virtual fundraisers, and thank everyone for helping us!  We have now returned to in-person meetings and look forward to returning to our

Annual Charity Spring Luncheon in 2023.

Charities Supported by WCSP During the COVID Pandemic

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, during the summer of 2020, WCSP was able to provide funds during the coronavirus pandemic to two additional local organizations providing much-needed nourishment for bodies and minds,

H.A.T. Packs and College Settlement Camp.  Thank you!