A History of Giving


The Woman’s Club of Suburban Philadelphia was founded in 1949 by six women dedicated to improving the lives of local children.  Originally sponsored by “The Senior Woman’s Club of Philadelphia,” it became known as “The Juniors of the Woman’s Club of Philadelphia" until 1960 when the Senior Club became inactive.  The name was then altered to reflect the change in membership, and the fact that the majority of the members had relocated to the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

Later in the sixties, WCSP became affiliated with the Montgomery County Federation of Woman’s Clubs.  While a member of the Federation, WCSP received recognition for making the largest contribution to Public Affairs.  However, the WCSP withdrew its membership from the Montgomery County Federation when they requested that WCSP become involved in areas that were outside the scope of its by-laws and charter. The members of WCSP voted to remain true to its principal mission of raising money for needy children.

Holiday Bazaar 1970

The Woman’s Club of Suburban Philadelphia holds fundraising events annually.  Over the years these events have included a theater brunch, charity luncheons, fashion shows, craft bazaars, holiday dances, parties at local attractions like the historic Highlands, and a black tie dinner dance.  Most recently, its annual Spring Luncheon has generated the primary source of funds that are donated to several local charities. Over the past 67 years, WCSP has donated over $150,000 to children's charities.